Anal bleaching continues to grow each year. With new products being brought over the counter, more and more people want to achieve monotone intimate areas, especially the anal area. The anus is a very sensitive area, it easily tears and can easily get infected. Products that are made for the anus area should have ingredients that cater to the skin and try to avoid infections and itchiness. The issue is that there are plenty of skin bleaching products that have been put on the market for solely profit purposes, that mix lightening ingredients that aren’t always safe for consistent use.

How do you anal bleach?

Anal bleaching is normally included in skincare because it is a cream that needs to be applied day and night for maximum results. It is also believed that bleaching creams work best with skincare products that include sunscreen. There is no need for that when anal bleaching because the anus does not see the sun or light. Anal bleach is applied just like a cream or lotion. The product should only be applied where you wish to lighten your skin. If not you will begin to brighten your natural skin tone, causing further an imbalance in skin tone once again.

Does anal bleach your anal?

Anal bleach is not supposed to damage your anal. Unless you put some anal bleaching cream in your anus, which you are not supposed to do, could potentially cause your anus negatively. If this happens it's best to go see a doctor. Bleaching your anus should feel like applying lotion or vaseline to your anal. It should not have an effect. Anal bleach does not contain any actual bleach for that would damage your skin.

Anal bleach cream

We highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. It is filled with natural ingredients and is mainly focused on skincare. The hydration Amaira gives the skin while bleaching your intimate areas is very important. A lot of bleaching creams are known to dry up the skin leaving the skin flaky and itchy.