Anal bleaching was initially a beauty cosmetic procedure done by female pornstars and celebrities. Over time it has grown popular and people have begun to bleach their anus. Lately, it has become a trend for men to start bleaching their anus’ as well as their penis. With very little information on men's intimate bleaching, this article will help with everything about men's anal bleach.

Can men anal bleach?

It has become very common for men to partake in beauty cosmetics. A lot of men have grown to be body-conscious as well and have shown interest in anal and intimate bleaching. Although no one necessarily looks up your anus and shares their opinion, anal and intimate bleaching gives a natural boost of confidence. Men as well want to feel and exude this confidence.

Men can 100% anal bleach. Although male skin may come off tougher and thicker compared to women’s skin, the effects are the same. Many believe that men are more prone to skin damage compared to women but that is false.

How do men apply anal bleach?

It may feel odd for men when applying bleach. You must remember that applying anal bleach is just like applying a lotion or moisturizer to the body. You must only apply the product where you wish to lighten, your natural skin tone will begin to lighten to as well. Which would only cause further discolour of the skin altogether. Anal bleach cream should be applied twice a day for maximum results. You must not use the product for more than 6 months. If there have been no changes to the skin after 6 months, the product does not work and should alternate to a different product.

Side effects of anal bleaching?

You should have any side effects when you are anal bleaching with bleachings creams. Anal bleachings creams are meant to be applied as a lotion. A lot of people use bleaching products as part of their skincare routine. If you are experiencing side effects such as irritation, itching and discolouration you should stop using the bleaching product you chose. If you continue to use the product you will likely get skin damage from continuing the product. It is best to see a doctor about the way forward.