Bleaching cream is used to beautify the booty by a lightning discolored skin and returning it to your original skin tone.  There are many different anal bleaching creams on the market, each with their own combination of ingredients.  Let’s take a look at all of the options, ranging from homemade bleaching creams to professional products and anal bleaching kits.

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Why You Shouldn't Use Harmful Unsafe Anal Bleaching Creams

Avoiding dangerous surgery and harsh creams with hydroquinone and other harmful chemicals. You should always try to choose a safe way of whitening the anus using a completely safe method is the most recommended way to whiten the skin around your anal region. Search no further we can suggest Amaira Intimate Whitening Cream for this as it uses perfectly natural ingredients. It means you don't have to have a nasty procedure that could lead to scarring or imbalanced skin color.

Why homemade anus bleaching cream is a struggle…

It’s important here to distinguish between homemade bleaching creams and DIY kits.  The first is made in the home using commonly found foods and domestic products.  Bear in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list but does include some of the most widely used homemade ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera extract

The active ingredient in Aloe Vera extract is called Aloesin which is thought to inhibit the production of the dark skin pigment, melanin, thereby lightening the skin.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil is often recommended by dermatologists for its ability to rejuvenate cells and reduce the level of melanin (dark pigment) in the skin.  Apply it overnight and then rinse thoroughly in the morning.

  • Lemon peel

As you might have guessed, lemon peel contains citric acid which can be applied to the anal area for around 15 minutes.  It is considered especially good for oily skin and is sure to leave you feeling lemony fresh.

  • Milk

Milk contains fatty acids which can help to nourish the anal skin and reduce the level of pigmentation in the target area.  Make it into a paste by combining the milk with a natural thickening agent such a flour.  This mixture can be applied daily and should yield results in around two weeks.

Although we thoroughly support the idea of using all-natural ingredients as intimate bleaching products, it’s important to understand that you aren’t likely to get the same level of results as you would with more extreme bleaching creams, such as those containing hydroquinone.  That said, even though hydroquinone works fast and effectively, it is associated with a far greater risk of side effects than the natural ingredients above.

What are the best bleaching products?

When researching the top anal bleaching cream we had a few considerations in mind.  Obviously the first and foremost of these was safety.  Although no-one would deny the importance of looking and feeling fabulous, you should never put yourself at risk of physical harm when applying beauty treatments. Fortunately, we know which ingredients to avoid and have put together a few tips to help you make the right decision for yourself and your booty.

Despite the wealth of research out there, some people are still skeptical, asking does bleaching cream work? The decisive answer is yes. How well it will work for you is another matter as we all have different skin tones, melanin levels and sensitivities which play a part in the overall result.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular butt lightening creams out there to help you decide which product is most likely to work for you:

Here are the best skin lightening creams for your intimate areas.


1. Amaira cream

Amaira skincare products have built a very good reputation whether you’re looking to lighten genital areas or tighten loose skin.  Amaira’s intimate lightening cream contains all-natural and organic ingredients meaning that it isn’t too harsh on your intimate areas.  You will need to apply multiple treatments, but this is a small price to pay to achieve stunning results.  To understand why Amaira cream is so effective you just need to look at some of the ingredients used in the formulation.

Firstly, Amaira cream contains four separate skin lightening ingredients:  mulberry extract, liquorice extract, kojic acid and bearberry extract.  Although we previously cautioned against the use of kojic acid, it is used in relatively small quantities here and can actually be very effective in lightening the skin.  A little known fact is that kojic acid is derived from mushrooms, meaning that it is in keeping with Amaira’s ethos of using only natural ingredients.

Secondly, Amaira cream contains several skin moisturisers and conditioners to soothe the skin, reduce wrinkles and nourish intimate areas.  These ingredients include vitamin B, vitamin C and orchid extract (derived from the orchid plant).

Finally, Amaira cream contains a number of what are called ‘product enablers.’  These ingredients act as catalysts, helping the active ingredients in the serum to work as effectively as possible, including lactic acid, propylene glycol, ammonium hydroxide and lemongrass.

Amaira understands that any bleaching cream for sensitive areas should exclude harsh chemicals and substances which are likely to cause irritation.  We fully recommend Amaira’s butt bleaching cream to anyone looking for an effective home anal bleaching kit.

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2. DR Intimate Lightening Cream

DR lightening cream is widely used by people who want an effective bleaching cream for sensitive areas.  The application process is simple and effective, with multiple anal bleaching treatments recommended for best results.  Although many users of DR lightening cream reported good results it has been noted that you need to use quite a lot to achieve that pink look that many people are after.  One negative point is that DR lightening cream has a strange odor which can persist after a number of treatments.

We would recommend DR lightening cream to those looking for intimate bleaching cream which is gentle on the skin.  While it isn’t as strong as some other treatments, the risk of blistering, irritation and chemical burns is low.  Some ladies have noticed that their intimate areas became discolored again once they stopped using the treatment.  This is to be expected as only stronger treatments such as laser sessions or cryosurgery are likely to produce more long-term results.

3. Pink Cheeks Intimate Bleaching Cream

Believe it or not but Pink Cheeks intimate area lightening cream was initially only sold to those ‘in the know’.  Anal bleaching has come a long way in the past few years, changing from a taboo subject barely spoken about outside the adult industry to a staple part of many people’s beauty regime.  Skin Care Salon recommends using Pink Cheeks bleaching cream morning and nights with results noticeable after a week or so.

However, bear in mind that the speed at which any anal lightening cream works depends on your body’s natural level of melanin (the pigment responsible for darker areas of skin).  Skin Care Salon offers professional anal bleaching treatments within their premises or ship the butthole cream directly to your front door so you can get to work on whitening your back-door as soon as possible.

4. Star White Skin Lightening Cream

Like Amaira, the makers of Star White Skin Lightening Cream pride themselves on only using natural ingredients in their anal whitening cream.  Star White Skin Lightening Cream addresses the common problem of discoloration in those intimate areas.  It has been formulated to target darker areas of skin, rendering them lighter, with an even tone that can restore your self-confidence as well as transform the look of your nether regions.

As well as focussing on creating skin bleaching products that work fast, the makers of Star White Lightening Cream understand the sensitivity of intimate skin and have excluded any potential irritants from their formula.  It’s difficult to predict just how long it will take to achieve the desired skin tone, but remember that those who have a naturally higher level of melanin will require a more intensive course of treatment.

5. CVS bleaching cream

We have saved CVS bleaching cream until last for a reason.  Unlike the other bleaches on our list, CVS bleaching cream contains skin bleach hydroquinone (3% to be precise).  CVS bleaching cream is frequently used by those looking to reduce sunspots but has become a very popular choice as a bleaching cream for private areas.  A word of caution though:  if you have sensitive skin, make sure that you test CVS bleaching cream on a small patch of skin before applying it to an intimate area.

Because of the harsher chemicals used in CVS bleaching cream, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to seek medical advice before trying CVS bleaching cream.

6. Dr Japan Skin Lightening Complex Cream  

Dr Japan are a well-established brand in the world of beauty – especially where whitening is concerned.  Although many of their skin lightening creams are designed to be used on the face, many beautiful booty seekers have reported great results from applying it to more… intimate areas.

Dr Japan Skin Lightening Complex Cream is intended to be applied daily and lists ingredients including green tea extract, vitamin E and glycol.  Most importantly, Dr Japan’s formulation does not contain hydroquinone or mercury, meaning that the Dr Japan Skin Lightening Complex Cream side effects are likely to be relatively mild.

7. Jolen Creme Bleach

Jolen bleach is a very popular choice for those seeking sexier skin, and for good reason.  The product has been formulated to be mild on even the most sensitive skin areas while still producing exceptional results.  Although it is recommended by the manufacturer that you test their cream on a small patch of skin before applying it to a large area, customer reviews are glowing for this super skin bleach.  What’s more Jolen bleach side effects are considerably milder than many other bleaches because they do not include harsh chemical ingredients in their formulation.

Where to buy bleaching cream?

Cosmetic bleaching creams are widely available from pharmacists, through doctor’s prescriptions and even from supermarkets.  The internet (amazon etc.) is usually the cheapest way to go, although the disadvantage here is that although you can read the reviews of customers you can’t speak to a professional about the best option for you. If you have any dermatological issues then it’s worth checking with your doctor first before ordering a product.

Also bear in mind that many companies offer free trial kits to help you decide which product to buy.  You could save yourself a lot of money taking advantage of these offers, as well as discovering which cream will work best for you.

While you can buy anal bleach gel, cleaning solutions and applicators separately, there are many skin bleaching kits on the market which bundle all of these products together.  If you’re new to the world of skin bleaching products for private areas then it’s definitely worthwhile going for a kit rather than trying to locate all of the products individually.  With that in mind, we’ve done our homework to find the best skin lightening kits out there.

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