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Anal bleaching is an increasingly popular new beauty trend, but not everybody knows what it is or what the point is; one of the most frequently asked questions is the simple “what is anal bleaching?”

The main reason that you might want to investigate the world of anal bleach is because of skin discoloration.

This is a natural part of aging skin, and as your body ages, several areas of your skin can often change color in a variety of ways.

This discoloration can range from spotting and patches of discoloration to scarring and general darkening. It is perfectly natural and ordinary, and nothing to be at all concerned about, but some people can feel self conscious about skin discoloration and would feel more confident if their discolored skin could be returned to a lighter color.

This is where anus bleaching comes in.

The skin around the anus is one of the parts of the body that most often becomes discolored, and if this makes you at all self conscious, then anal discoloration can cause embarrassment during intimate encounters and create problems in your sex life.

Lightening the skin around  your intimate areas can be easily achieved with anal bleach, giving you a much lighter and younger looking bleached asshole.

Ass bleaching is the process of applying serums or creams to the skin around your anal area to bleach the skin, lightening it.

Anus bleaching can restore discolored patches of skin to a paler and fresher skin tone, helping you feel more confident about your freshly bleached butthole and how it looks.

What has made anal bleaching so popular?

 beThe anus bleaching trend has been popularized primarily due to porn and celebrity use of this treatment.

This craze first took off in the early ‘00s, thanks to adult film actress Tabitha Stevens receiving a bleached asshole on the TV series Dr. 90210 in order to look better on camera. A few years later, in 2010, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she had tried anal bleaching, and online searches for DIY anal bleaching options skyrocketed.

Since then, this has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgical treatments at many plastic surgery locations, and has even become an occasional group activity for bachelorette parties in some places!

The popularity of anus bleaching may have been started by celebrities and adult film actresses, but it has continued to rise since then.

With no sign of stopping, it is becoming one of the most common and popular intimate cosmetic treatments in the USA, and many different people have tried it for a wide range of different reasons.

Information on butthole bleaching can easily be found online, with everything from anal bleaching before and after comparisons to clear guides as to how to try ass bleaching at home with ease.

How can I bleach my butt on a budget?

As with any professional cosmetic surgery treatment, this procedure can be extremely expensive when performed by a skilled and accredited professional.

If your budget is tight, though, you can buy an at home anal bleaching kit containing a cream, a serum, or a peel from a wide range of online outlets, salons, spas, or cosmetic centers, for prices that usually range between $6 and $45.

These home asshole bleaching kits vary in content, containing ingredients such as niacinamide, kojic acid, hydroquinone, or azelaic acid, to name a few. All of these active ingredients exfoliate the dead skin cells that cause darker coloration in your skin, effectively removing the dark skin and lightening the appearance of your anal skin.

These options are great for bleaching your anus at home on a budget, but they are not without their risks.

Some of the chemicals commonly used in butt bleaching products for home use may be seen as carcinogenic, such as kojic acid and hydroquinone, according to data given by the National Institute of Health.

This shouldn’t be a problem as long as the chemicals do not enter your bloodstream, but inexpertly applied products can injure your anal region and risk getting chemicals inside the rectum and the bloodstream.

As such, it is important to take care and follow all instructions provided with anus bleaching products, and it is generally advisable to only use products manufactured in the USA, as these will follow regulations with regards to which ingredients are safe to use.

In general, when applying butt bleach at home on a budget, you should always make sure that your skin is clean, dry, and entirely free from scratches and infections. Then, ensuring your hands are clean, apply the product with care, avoiding the anus itself.

Depending on the product, you’re either going to rinse it off soon after or leave it on.

Budget anal bleach products are usually more mild than those used by professionals, so it may well take up to three months of applying these products, sometimes doing so as often as twice a day, in order to see clear results.

These results can last for up to six months, but the effort required to apply anal bleach at home on a budget can put many people off!

What are the side effects?

Anal bleaching products are made with some fairly aggressive chemicals, and they are applied to some very delicate and sensitive areas of skin. As you can imagine, there can be some unpleasant side effects from these products!

Any skin lightening creams can lead to skin irritation, and this can be much more common and more severe when applied to sensitive areas like the skin around your anus.

Watch out for burning, stinging, and severe itching during and immediately after treatments! If you experience adverse effects like these as a result of using an anus bleaching product, stop using the product immediately and wash the affected area thoroughly. After that, you’ll want to protect the skin, so apply a petroleum based moisturizing product such as Vaseline in order to create a protective seal over the affected area.

Any anal bleaching treatment can lead to scarring, more scientifically known as “anal strictures”, which can prevent the anus from properly stretching as normal during bowel movements. This can cause constipation and pain during bowel movements, which can be a serious and painful chronic problem.

You should always consult a dermatologist before using any anal bleaching product, whether applied by professionals or at home in a DIY anal bleaching session.

For more detailed information about the side effects of anal bleaching head over to our side effects page.

Is it worth paying for a professional?

If the risks of doing your own anus bleaching at home are enough to put you off, or if budget is less of a concern for you, then you might want to consider going to a professional for anus bleaching treatments.

Some salons, spas and cosmetic surgeons offer anal bleaching treatments for somewhere in the region of $125 per session (in most cases). More expensive and luxurious treatments are also available, with a price range of around $1000 for 3 sessions (or $330 per session).

In most cases, even with professional treatment, it’s going to take a few treatments before you see results, but it is safer and generally faster than the slow, complex process of butthole bleaching at home.

The products used by professionals tend to have different chemical compositions to those available over the counter for DIY use, and tend to be a little more aggressive.

This means that they work faster, giving visible results after fewer treatments, but also that the risk of post treatment infection is higher.

That should, however, be balanced out by the advantages of professional application; professional cosmeticians are much less likely to misapply the bleaching products in hazardous ways than most DIY users are!

The big difference here is one of visibility.

When you apply bleaching creams yourself, you can’t really see what you’re doing! Professionals applying creams to your anus, however, have far better visibility and easier access.

Can I have sex after treatment?

Unfortunately, because of the irritant effects of the chemicals used in anal bleaching treatment, both at home and when done by professionals, you’re going to want to avoid all sexual activities for three to five days after each treatment.

This applies even when the area you’ve treated isn’t noticeably irritated, but if there’s any irritation at any point after treatment then you should continue to avoid sexual activities until all irritation has ceased.

One of the main causes of hyperpigmentation and skin darkening that can make anal bleaching treatments less effective and harder to maintain proper results is the combination of heat and friction.

This means that you should probably also avoid activities such as waxing, laser hair removal, wearing a thong, and hot yoga, or at least exercise some caution when participating in such activities.

What is laser bleaching?

Laser bleaching is an alternative treatment option that has a few advantages over chemical anus bleaching treatments, although it is a bit more expensive.

Laser bleaching treatments break down unwanted dark skin pigments into small particles that can be carried away from the area by white blood cells, lightening the skin by breaking down the pigment without affecting the integrity of the skin itself.

Laser anus bleaching treatments can cause a hot, prickling, burning sensation when applied.

This can be reduced by the application of a topical anaesthetic cream or just taking a prophylactic painkiller drug such as ibuprofen before treatment.

They can also cause a little skin swelling and a feeling of sunburn for a few days. In very rare cases, laser bleaching treatments can irritate the lining of the anal canal, causing burns and potentially risking permanent scarring, but this is very uncommon.

These treatments cost upwards of $375 per session, and require a couple of sessions to see results, but they are safer and more reliable than chemical treatments, making the extra expense worthwhile if you can afford it.

Laser bleaching treatments require touch ups every six to twelve months; slightly longer than chemical treatments, but not a particularly significant difference.


Anal bleaching treatments can make a significant difference to your confidence if you’re at all self conscious about the appearance of the skin around your anal region.

However, none of these treatments are permanent; with time, the cells that produce the dark pigment that discolors your skin will grow back, darkening up your bleached skin once more.

This means that the process is an unending one, and the potential health risks do not lessen after repeated treatments.

There’s no way to guarantee complete safety during anal bleaching treatments, although professionally applied treatments can reduce the risk significantly.

If you’re not sure about anus bleaching, make sure you do extensive research before giving it a go in order to make sure it’s for you.

If you’re sure it’s for you, though, then you can look forward to increased confidence in intimate situations and an anal region that looks fresh, young and pale!

Where can I buy the products?

Anal bleaching products are available from a wide range of different sources.

Some brands are particularly widely available and come highly recommended by professionals, such as Amaira Skin Lightening Serum, which can be found in high street stores and a wide range of online retailers, as well as directly from the website of Amaira Skincare.

Other brands, though, are more easily found in the offices of cosmetic surgeons, or the retail outlets of spas and salons.

You should always buy medical chemical products such as anal bleach from trusted, reliable outlets in order to ensure that you are buying a safe, reliable, genuine product rather than a potentially dangerous imitation.

Spas, salons, and professional cosmeticians are the best source of products, even for budget friendly anal bleaching creams.

These outlets will only stock products that are known to be reliable, effective, and as safe as possible, while buying from non specialist retailers carries a much greater risk of poor quality products, as it is primarily likely to be salons, professional cosmeticians, and spas that curate their selections to ensure a high quality standard across the board.

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