Anal bleaching is a cosmetic procedure in which both men and women bleach the skin surrounding their anus in order to achieve a lighter and more equal skin tone. Before you run away, it's not as terrifying as it sounds.

A medical practitioner may execute the procedure at a salon or office, or it can be done at home using topical lotions. It's important to understand how anal whitening treatments operate so you don't spend money on gel kits that don't work.

Skin bleaching solutions work by lowering the pigment, known as melanin, on the skin. As old cells die and new ones are formed, a lighter skin tone is visible.

anal bleaching

What Can You Anticipate From Your Appointment?

You would buy your package during the first consultation and arrange the in-office anal treatment at a time when you are not menstruating. You will begin your preconditioning program with our professionals several weeks before your in-office treatment, depending on your skin type and ethnic background.

All skin types should prepare the area to be treated for the best outcomes. You will be told not to shave or wax three days before the peel, and not to sunbathe, get sunburned, or otherwise aggravate the region for a week. Before your visit, you will also be required to clean the area with the recommended light antibacterial cleaner.

After that, you'll come in for your anal bleaching appointment. You may come without underwear and in a loose-fitting skirt or yoga pants. Anal bleaching is conducted by a qualified specialist in the comfort and privacy of a comfortable spa room.

You'll start by cleaning the area and changing it into disposable underpants. For your comfort, your skincare specialist will administer the peel with the help of a fan. Expect a slight burning sensation and will be given time to relax and recuperate before resuming your loose-fitting garments. You should consume a bottle of water recommended by your skin care specialist once you sit up.

What Happens After Your Consultation?

You will be told not to rinse the affected area for at least six hours. It is also OK to go to bed sans underpants and wash them the following day. For three days, you are not to have anal sex or swim. The bleached region will peel 6-7 days following your in-office treatment.

It is critical not to pick or pull at the flakes. If there are no problems, you may return in three weeks for a check-up. You may continue to apply recommended creams and lotions on the bleached region in combination with your anal bleaching procedure until it reaches the desired shade.

Knowing When to Stop

Natural-ingredient creams are safe and highly recommended by dermatologists worldwide. However, if you suffer any negative effects or your skin becomes irritated in the anal region, it is best to stop usage. When you have achieved your desired skin tone, you should discontinue the use of the lotion – to avoid making the skin even lighter.