Non-medical professionals generally perform anal beautification or anal bleaching in a spa setting. The discussion about the anus may sound taboo, yet they are an important element of patients' sexual health and appearance. Anal bleaching may help revitalize this part of the body.

What is the procedure?


Anal bleaching is a fast, simple, and painless method of refreshing the anus. The process takes around 15 minutes and consists of applying a bleaching agent to the anal region. A licensed pharmacist creates the chemical.

The compound will be left for 15 minutes before being rinsed away and treatment with cream applied to promote comfort. Each operation takes 15-20 minutes and is conducted by skilled and certified experts in a professional setting.

STDs, lesions, wounds, and other rectal mediations should be avoided in the anal region.

anal bleaching

How to Prepare for Your Consultation

Keep the following in mind before your appointment:

Avoid sexual contact.
For at least three days before your appointment, refrain from anal or vaginal intercourse. Friction might produce little rips, increasing your chances of pain and other unwanted effects.

Don't get your hair removed.
Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods may irritate the area surrounding your anus. This may make bleaching more difficult.

Reduce strenuous exercises.
Running and hot yoga can increase perspiration and friction around your anus. This may reduce the effectiveness of the therapy.

Leave the thong at home.
Tight underwear, such as thongs, may also cause friction. Reduced friction may help lower the chance of sensitivity.

Shower and gently clean around your anus on the day of your visit. Wear comfortable clothing and undergarments. This allows the anus to breathe and heal without causing friction.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

When you come for your appointment, you will be asked to remove your underpants and lay down on your back.

They may request that you roll your legs to one side so that the technician can easily access the area surrounding your anus. The skin will then be cleaned and dried.

A skin-numbing lotion may be used if you are undergoing a laser anal bleaching treatment.

Your physician will administer the topical therapy or execute the laser treatment when your skin is ready. After the treatment, you may be requested to lay down for several minutes.

What to Expect from Maintenance and Aftercare

You should avoid intercourse for at least three days after your session.

If you are sensitive or uncomfortable, you may need to abstain for a longer time. Your provider will be able to advise you on your specific circumstances.

You will most likely be given a lotion, cream, or gel to apply to the bleached area by your physician. This may assist to reduce inflammation. It may also assist you in avoiding infection.

Consult a doctor if:

  • the affected area becomes painful
  • you get a fever
  • after experiencing anal discharge

How long does anal bleaching therapy last?

The cream therapy is less effective than the laser treatment. Also, the duration of the impact is determined by whether it was performed at home or by a professional. The outcomes differ depending on skin type and sexual orientation. Professional treatments allow for fewer mistakes. Without any touch-ups, the impression lasts over a year.

Because everyone is different, the outcomes and duration vary.

People are becoming more aware of the possibilities available to them for feeling more confident and attractive. This encourages people to be more candid regarding the look of their genitalia.