Anal bleaching therapy is provided by certain spas, salons, and cosmetic surgeons for approximately $125 each session, while others charge up to $1,000 for three 30-minute sessions spaced two weeks apart.

You could notice effects after only one session, but it will probably take many sessions to get the desired skin tone, and you'll often need to use whitening solutions at home in the meantime. The effects may last up to six months, similar to home bleaching.

anal bleaching

How Much Anal Bleaching Costs


Going professional offers the most peace of mind since items are applied by professionals who can see what they're doing. When carried out by a qualified and authorized specialist, this technique may be quite expensive, just like any professional cosmetic surgery therapy.

Exposure to professional-grade treatments may increase your risk of post-treatment discomfort since experts often use more effective lightening chemicals that provide quicker effects than DIY choices.

At-Home Anal Bleaching

But if money is limited, you may get an at-home anal bleaching kit from a variety of internet retailers, salons, spas, or cosmetic centers for rates that typically run between $6 and $45.

These at-home anal whitening kits come with a variety of components, including, to mention a few, niacinamide, kojic acid, hydroquinone, and azelaic acid. All of these active chemicals successfully remove the dark skin and lighten the look of your anal skin by exfoliating the dead skin cells that are the root of your skin's darker coloring.

As long as the chemicals do not reach your bloodstream, this shouldn't be an issue, but improperly applied products run the danger of damaging your anal area and introducing chemicals into your rectum and bloodstream.

Handling DIY Kits With Safety

It is crucial to use anus bleaching treatments carefully and according to all directions, and it is typically advised to only use products made in the USA because they will adhere to standards about the safest components to use.

In general, you should always make sure that your skin is clean, dry, and completely free of scrapes and infections before using butt bleach at home on a budget. Apply the product carefully, being careful to avoid the anus itself, after making sure your hands are clean.

Even though the instructions for each product may be different, you should always start with clean, dry skin that is free of illnesses or injuries. Normally, the product is applied with clean hands while avoiding the anus. After that, you may either leave it on or immediately rinse it off. It may take two to three months of using the medication as much as twice daily to notice effects, which may last up to six months, although outcomes may vary since OTC formulations are often milder than professional grade alternatives.

Can My Health Insurance Pay for the Procedure?

Unfortunately, this won't be covered by insurance, so you'll need to be ready to shell out some serious cash for it. It isn't inexpensive; prices vary depending on the practice.

The Verdict

Topical anal whitening treatments could be simpler and less expensive, but they come with increased risks, largely because of the chemicals they contain. Additionally, since the anus is a difficult-to-reach location, it could be challenging to do the operation correctly if you attempt it at home.

Additionally, topical lightening chemicals used in spas and salons are seldom subject to regulation. Although the treatment is less expensive, it is less popular these days due to the discomfort and the fact that the effects don't stay as long.

Although expensive, laser therapy is safer. Procedures for laser anal bleaching are unquestionably much more costly. However, since there are no chemicals used, the findings may be kept for a much longer time, and the procedure is considerably safer.