Anus bleaching is becoming a lot more accessible. There are now multiple products you can use at home and you can also make your own homemade bleaching cream now. anus bleaching as well as any form of skin bleaching is becoming somewhat of a norm.

Hyperpigmentation is present in almost everybody's skin. Discoloration is also normal being that every day of our lives our skin is working and trying to adjust to our environment and living conditions. Although this hyperpigmentation is normal it has made people feel very self-conscious seeing celebrities and porn stars with naturally clear skin.

What is anus bleaching?

Anus bleaching is also known as anal bleaching is the form of lightning in your anus area. It is very common for this area to grow darker over the years due to the pigment of doing the number 2 and the constant friction from day-to-day activities as well as clothing.

It is normal for this part of the skin to be darker and in some rare cases, it may be lighter than the rest of the bums. Over time people have decided to bleach their anus is for aesthetic as well as confidence boosters. It's subtle things that give people confidence and their looks even if it's something other people cannot quite see.

How to bleach your anus at home:

  • Make sure the skin is not torn around the intended area. Make sure to not shave or wax two days before.
  • Make sure the area is clean before applying any product.
  • Apply the product as you would any kind. As if it's a lotion.
  • Apply the product twice a day and repeat the process as instructed.

Anal bleaching at home

DIY anus bleaching has become easier. There are not too many complications that come with bleaching at home. Side effects and skin infections only come when skin is not carefully prepared and taken care of post bleaching process. We highly recommend using our number one product, the Amaira natural lightening serum. It is fully natural and produces results in just two weeks of instructed use. It is advised to use any bleaching creams 5 months at a time anymore and you would cause damage to the skin. If results are not visible within the first three months it is advised to change bleaching creams. You should never use two different brands of bleaching cream at the same time which could cause skin damage that may be permanent.