underarm lightening

Having dark underarms is something that has become more noticeable over time. Especially now that there are numerous celebrities, models and influencers that have even skin in their underarms. The beauty trend has been growing and has become a lot more accessible to people.

Lightening underarms is a very close trend to anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching. Giving the whole body one even skin tone is a highly admired beauty look that several people want to achieve.

Although this beauty trend was only available to higher social rankers, there have been multiple products that have been created to cater to everyday people. These products are available over the counter. You can also lighten your underarms medically with a specialist or doctor. There are a number of people that specialise in skin lightening at different rates.

Deodorants, such as dove, now include lightening and evening skin tone elements. This may help lighten underarms but not too effectively as the product is mainly focused on sweat and scent.

What causes underarms to darken?


There are multiple reasons as to why skin may darken. Our everyday lives cause effects on our skin and our skin over time has to adapt and adjust to the conditions. These causes cannot always be avoided but they can be maintained and effects can be reduced. Here’s a list of dark underarms:

  • Friction caused by clothes
  • Constant shaving causes irritation
  • Abnormal hormones increase melanin
  • Lack of exfoliating, build-up of dead skin
  • Irritating ingredients deodorants
  • Melasma

Ways to lighten your underarms naturally

Before using any product, here are some ways to help your underarms lighten:

  • Exfoliate your underarms
  • Use different or natural deodorant
  • Wax or laser, instead of shaving

Cosmetic Ways to Lighten your Underarms

  • Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps to lighten the skin. Slowing down the process of melanin production in the underarms. You can also use laser hair removal which would remove the hair follicles and roots that also cause underarms to appear darker.

  • Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are used to treat dark underarms. Peels also help to rejuvenate and repair the skin. It helps to brighten and even out the skin tone.

Benefits to lightening underarms

There are no health benefits to any skin lightening treatments besides it coming with self-confidence boosters and better skin. Some general benefits are:

  • Even skin tone
  • Smooth skin
  • Clean look

Thoughts on underarms lightening

Underarm lightening is definitely something to look into if you aren't confident about the state of your underarms and want to give them a new, rejuvenated look. We highly recommend using Amaira Natural Lightening Serum for its natural ingredient. Underarm lightening does not come with too many side effects besides using products suitable for you to not cause any irritation, and this is the product we recommend.