Skin bleaching is becoming a lot more popular than before. a lot of people have started skin bleaching at home and as well as for the intimate areas, which has been heavily influenced by the porn industry. When it comes to skin bleaching you have to continuously go for treatments or apply creams, results are not permanent.

When you continuously bleach usage of products or the number of sessions left are less to the skin is lighter than when you first began. which is a plus in continuously using a product but also continuously using strong products may have negative effects.

How does skin bleaching work?

Skin bleaching is the process of lightening the skin. This may be in the form of creams or spa treatments such as laser lightening treatment. The process entails slowing down the growth of melanin in hypopigmented areas that cause different skin tones on the skin.

Skin bleaching in itself is not dangerous or harmful although it does have some side effects depending on the product of usage. A lot of products have been created over time to reach the large demand, and these products have been cheaply made and use a lot of harsh products to create results quicker. A lot of ingredients such as hydroquinone are used in skin bleaching products although this ingredient does work. It comes with a lot of side effects on sensitive skin such as dryness, flakiness, itchiness and redness.

A lot of people have come forward after skin bleaching wondering how to get the redness off throughout the process, especially on sensitive skin such as the face. This is usually the skin trying to adapt to the ingredients and chemicals.

Skin bleaching itself needs a lot of patience. all the results may take 2 to 4 weeks to start showing full desired results may take up to three to five months of constant and instructed use of the product. A lot of these products needed to be used for that amount of time but urged to be used for 5 months at a time meaning if you use it for any more than 5 months you could have some side effects of the product may just not be working for you.

Long term effects of skin bleaching

By the long-term, this could mean the 5 months or more or within the five months of using a product that is not good for your skin. Here is a list of some effects that may ok when you have been bleaching your skin for a long period:

  • Skin discoloration.  If you are bleeding in certain areas or even your whole body that has different skin tones some parts will be lighter than others for some parts are still dark if the product is not evenly distributed and using other skin bleaching products at the same time may cause some skin damage as well.
  • Skin damage. The chemicals being used tend to weaken the skin. The skin becomes so used to the product that it just keeps becoming weaker and rejuvenating the skin back to its natural elasticity may be hard.
  • Skin irritation. My skin is very sensitive and may have found a patient that eventually leads to it being a long-term issue. Itchy skin and parties can lead to long-term effects and may need medical attention.

Should you skin bleach?

Skin bleaching is absolutely safe when using the right products. Do your research on products and read reviews up on them, especially 1 star ones. If you want to try other forms of skin bleaching you can use skin lightening oils or spa treatments which would have less side effects if professionally done well. We highly recommend our number 1 bleaching cream, Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. It is filled with natural ingredients tha help to lighten the skin with causing or doing too much damage to the skin.