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In the last few years, anal bleaching has become one of the more popular cosmetic beauty and skin treatments. This was not a trend or even an unknown cosmetic beauty treatment until the popularity of porn stars as well as our very own known celebrities (hello Kim Kardashian) were known to have done this procedure. this was only available to the well-known and leave and those who could afford it is that the market for this procedure was very limited thus it costing a fortune

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Anal Bleaching

What is anal bleaching? Anal bleaching is the procedure of lightning or lightening the skin around your anus. The procedure does not contain any actual bleach and is a mixture of natural ingredients as well as some safe chemicals to use on the skin. Anal bleaching can be done in a couple of ways such as anal bleaching creams, anal bleaching gels, anal bleaching oils, anal laser lightening treatment, and cryosurgery.

All of these procedures are safe and have been used multiple times. Although anal bleaching as a whole takes some time and consistency in order to see desired results – as desired results differ from person to person, all of these procedures do you need for a petition but some are a much quicker and cleaner process than others. For example, anal laser lightening treatment may take up to 7 sessions to see desired results as to where creams may take a month to see results, so it all boils down to commitment inconsistency to the process.


Pros of Anal Bleaching

One of the main benefits of anal bleaching is a lot of people attesting to feeling a lot more confident after bleaching the angles and this also goes for bleaching your genitals. And as much as no one needs to your anus every day are in a regular it brings a good level of confidence within yourself and when wearing bikinis.
Other benefits outside of having clear monitoring skin are the skin feeling smoother than it did before and everyone enjoys nice soft glowy skin.
And of course, the confidence when having to undress in front of your partner (duh).


Cons of anal bleaching

Every skin is different and the effects of the procedure could potentially cause the skin to react negatively. The strong ingredients may cause the skin to grow rough, dry, flaky, and itchy. It is important to read the ingredients and find what may affect your skin, the ingredients of the creams tend to contain chemicals that a large number of people are known to be allergic to.

Professional anal bleach

For anal bleaching, there are two procedures that are done professionally and at the spa. Multiple sessions need to be done for both these treatments in order to see desired results. These procedures are:

1. Anal laser lightening treatment

Very similar to laser hair removal, this procedure enters the skin to burn off the melanin in the skin that is causing hyperpigmentation to grow. This then slows down the melanin skin cells from growing, leaving you with your desired results.


2. Cryosurgery

Slightly opposite to laser lightening. Cryosurgery freezes the skin cells generating the melanin using liquid nitrogen and other chemicals, also slowing down the process of the melanin growing inside the skin.


As stated above, there are several DIY anal bleaching treatments. Now, there are over-the-counter products that are provided because the market has grown so large. Not all of these products are the safest and it is important to read reviews as well as ingredients of the products to see their credibility. Our highly recommended anal bleaching creams are:

  1. Amaira Cream
  2. Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream
  3. Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream



As of yet, there has been no record of life-threatening side effects that come with anal bleaching. Besides being allergic to certain ingredients which could cause acne, flaking and itching, anal bleaching is safe and can be easily treated if any issues do arise. It is also important to be consistent with anal bleaching aftercare, which is just as important as the prepping for anal bleaching.


Anal bleaching is a personal choice and if we're honest, everything comes with pros and cons. As stated multiple times, do your research on products and doctors that you might want for anal bleaching. We highly recommend using our number one product, Amaira Whitening Cream, their reviews are always good and informative, results are visible in just a few weeks. For more advice visit Anal Bleaching Expert.