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Abby Walker is a writer as well as Research Analyst. Walker has dedicated over a decade of her time and career to studying beauty and cosmetic trends and styles that have grown popular died off throughout the years. For the last few years, Walker has focused on creating her own blog, Anal Bleaching Expert, on which she can share all her knowledge on skin, beauty and anal. The goal is to create different blogs to target specific audiences that might want all the extra information on the blog, making it easier for her readers to navigate her website. 


Walker lives a very normal everyday life. Though she takes good care of her wellness, and most importantly skin, Walker is a conscious cook, yoga professional, and a full-time dog mom to two Jack Russells. When she isn’t all about beauty and writing, Abby spends time dancing (which she’s not very good at) to her favorite tunes, and watching anything comedy.

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Our Story

In the late 2000s, Abby Walker began her search for intimate bleaching products after eavesdropping on a conversation at a salon. From then on, the spiral began on what this is and exactly why people may feel the need to do it.

It all started as a matter of curiosity mixed with confusion because this topic of conversation was not something popular back then. As time on, Abby collected information in her free time and tried some experiments to see what products and ingredients work and which ones do not. 

Abby then went on with her career and never took her curiosities within her profession. When the time was right and the cosmetic beauty treatment became, almost, a norm – Abby Walker decided to help people with her knowledge and her experience. This is almost 5 years later.

The entire purpose of this blog is to share as much information as possible available to all. Abby Walker and this blog want people to have the right knowledge without having to experiment themselves and burn something in the backdoor or front door. We want to be an important part of your journey through anal bleaching and other intimate or just skin areas.

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