Anal bleaching is becoming a lot more popular and accessible to do yourself. But there are people who don't quite understand how to bleach your own anus so the process can get messy and you want to do it right. There are some key points as to how long you need to bleach your anus or as well as what to do and not do as you're bleaching your anus. This goes for both using DIY to anal bleach or spa treatments so things are quite similar because the focus is to care for the skin as it will be exposed to harsh products.

What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening or whitening your anus area. It is basically just applying cream around the anus area. It is to decrease hyperpigmentation that has been built up around the anus area and lighten it to blend in with the rest of your skin. Hyperpigmentation builds naturally into the skin from hormones diet to the friction of our clothing every day. Although hyperpigmentation it is normal it has then subtle looked down on look due to pornstars and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and so many more.

How long do you need to bleach your anal?

There are two ways to answer this question. There is the length of which you need to keep the product on as you're bleaching your anus and then there is the continuation of how long you need to use anal bleaching creams.

To answer the first question anal bleaching creams are to be applied just like lotion products. Simply apply them on your skin a maximum of two times a day depending on your instructions for maximum results. Every bleaching cream will come with its own set of instructions but a number of them have similar instructions. The instructions are to use the product day and night, also to make sure that they're the product is being applied if exposed to the sun should be mixed with sunscreen.

The second question. You may only use bleaching creams for 6 months at a time. You cannot use bleaching cream for more than six months for they contain ingredients that might cause long-term skin damage if used consistently for over 6 months. Take a break between the products if you need to give yourself a breather.

What happens if you apply skin bleach for too long?

When you skin bleach for too long, it causes your skin to weaken and more prone to skin damage and dryness. When the skin is damaged it usually is discoloured and turns into an orange tone which may take time to fade off or remove. Sometimes it is permanent. With the skin growing weak it is much easier to break and tear causing infections when applying anal bleach creams. It is important that you also check for wounds when applying bleaching creams for they are very strong and could cause irritation.