Anal bleach has become a very popular cosmetic topic. Bleaching products are now being sold at every turn of a Beauty Supply store. They are so accessible but they also come with so much backlash. this is because manufacturers know that there is a large demand for bleaching products that they create false cheaply made products. This way they get way more profit for a product than what they put out. Anal bleaching is one of the more popular specific bleachers. This is because several people naturally have a hyperpigmented anus area.

What exactly is anal bleaching?


Anal bleaching is the process of lightening your anus area using chemicals. Anal bleaching does not contain any actual bleach for that would leave the skin torn and falling off. Instead, it uses chemicals that are a lot safer to use on the skin compared to actual bleach. You can bleach your anus using natural oils such as tea tree rosemary or lavender oil, you can also bleach your anus using bleaching creams they could be specifically intimate or just skin bleaching creams. Spa treatments also play a big part, they include cryosurgery and laser lightening treatment.

Of course the spa treatments or what celebrities and more well-off people use. The everyday person can also use spa treatments but they are a lot more expensive compared to bleaching creams. Natural oils are also somewhat of a downfall because in as much as they're good for your skin they take a long time to produce results. Bleaching creams are what we highly recommend because they are effective and affordable, the only catch with bleaching creams is that they are some bleaching creams that are not true and not good for the skin. They discolour the skin and do not fully lighten to the max.

How many shades will it lighten after anal bleach?

It's very important to keep in mind that your skin will lighten differently from the next. Lighter skin lightens differently from dark skin and also the amount of pigmentation in your hyperpigmented area needs to be taken into account. There are Some bleaching creams that are made exclusively for lighter/whiter skin whereas there are some made for darker skin. Finding which product works best for your skin tone is something that you need to take into account.

The amount of shades your skin lightened is a relative to circumstances such as:

  • Your environment: This includes where you reside and the amount of sun exposure you experience.
  • Medical conditions: Medical conditions have been the number one reason why people have hyperpigmentation in the first place. So if your medical condition is slowing down the process it does not mean it's not working.
  • Your skin: So this includes your skin texture your skin tone and the level of pigmentation you have within your skin.
  • Your bleaching cream: Not all bleaching creams produce maximum results some produce 50% is how far the product can take and there are some that go all the way to lighten your skin.

Recommended anal bleachers

We highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening serum. This product is filled with natural properties that make your skin lighter and brighter at the same time. It has hydrating properties to the skin whereas a number of bleachers include hydroquinone which is known to dry up the skin even though it produces good results in lightening it.

Our thoughts on anal bleaching

It is very important to be patient with your anal bleach process. You cannot always compare Your bleaching process to the next person's progress. There are many other things to take into account when bleaching. you could also seek professional help from people that know how to do with skin. These people will help you understand the progress of your skin and the patience that you need in order to see maximum results.