Intimate bleaching is becoming a lot more popular and accessible. This is because the market for skin bleaching continues to grow larger and larger. With that, there are so many products that do not work well with people's skin because these products are cheaply made. People have grown conscious of intimate bleach and the effects that it may have on people’s skin. We will be discussing the potential effects that intimate bleach may cause on the skin and the intimate area.

How to intimate bleach?


Intimate bleaching is using bleaching creams to lighten and brighten hyperpigmentation areas. Often times our most melanated areas are our intimate areas, such as the vagina, anus, inner thigh and underarms. With celebrities having monotone skin, everyday people wanted to achieve this look as social media made them grow self-conscious. That’s when bleaching creams came into play. All you have to do is apply the bleaching cream just as you would lotion. Most people add them to their skincare routine for maximum effect.

Can you bleach your intimate area?

Bleaching your intimate areas is what skin bleaching mainly became about. It started off being changing one’s entire skin complexion, eventually, people grew out of the lighter skin beauty standard and focused on the discolouration in their intimate areas. 

Bleaching intimate areas is now possible and are what a lot of bleaching creams focus on now. The main market is anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching. When it comes to the anus and vaginal area, it’s important to have safe products and to also safely use products like bleaching products. 

You can bleach your intimate area when using safe and right bleaching creams. Only apply products were intended not consistently apply where the skin isn’t hyperpigmented. This would cause your natural complexion to lighten, causing you to have to darken your skin to make your skin even.

Side effects of intimate bleach?

When using the correct products you should be experiencing almost no side effects from bleaching. If your intimate area begins to itch or feel irritated, you’re likely using a product that either has false ingredients or you’re simply allergic to the ingredients. A lot of bleaching creams include hydroquinone for its lightening properties but a large group of people react negatively to these ingredients. It leaves the skin dry, flaky and sometimes itchy. Hydroquinone is included in a lot of beauty products such as soaps, lotions and moisturizers. 

When using false products the number one side effect is your skin becoming an orangish colour. False products normally add a lot more vitamin c(oranges) to try and maximize their effect and instead of lightening it just adds pigment to the skin. This is not a good colour and eventually fades off on its own. If effects have not gone away is safe to go see a doctor or specialists, for the product would have caused long-term side effects.

Product to use for intimate bleach

We highly recommend using Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. Amaira Skincare aims to lighten the skin only using natural ingredients. They are well-known for their addition of Mulberry extract, bearberry extract and vitamin c. Amaira can be used as a lotion and included in your everyday skincare routine. This product is to be used 2 times a day for maximum results. In their reviews, users have come forward stating that results began showing in just 2 weeks and some had complete results in a month.