With intimate bleaching becoming more and more popular and DIY bleaching products being sold over-the-counter, learning how to bleach your intimate areas is important. Bleaching the right way also helps with how well the bleaching process will go as well as the safety of the procedure. 

When performing DIY bleaching you want to make sure you are doing it right. DIY bleaching products include bleaching creams and bleaching oils. There are other DIY procedures such as bleaching injections and bleaching water but we do not recommend these products due to their high sick of skin damage or worse.

How to bleach intimate areas?

Whether you are bleaching your own intimate area or someone else's, it's important to do it correctly. There are not many videos on bleaching the correct way and the products do not come with well-detailed instructions always. 

To start off your bleaching, you want to make sure that your skin is clean and clear from any cuts or wounds. The product might end up causing irritation in cuts or wounds. You want to make sure you apply the product a maximum of twice a day for effective results. 

When applying the product, only apply in the intended area. So this is where you feel as though you would like to remove or decrease any visible hyperpigmentation. It’s okay for the product to occasionally fall onto the natural skin tone that does not need any product but not too often. If these areas continuously have bleaching products fall onto them, eventually they will begin to lighten. Causing another imbalance in skin tone appearance. 

Is intimate bleaching safe?

Intimate bleaching is safe as long as you use the correct procedures. There are a lot of skin bleaching products that are available to the mass these days but these are mainly for profit reasons. Not all of these products are well checked for safety for being released because the people releasing these products don’t care too much for the outcome. Products such as skin bleaching injections and skin bleaching bath water are very dangerous and the effects are imaginable. 

We recommend using bleaching creams. Yes, there are several of them on the market and not all of them are safe but there is a handful that we have seen to work and are effective. A few of the bleaching creams we recommend are:

  • Amaira Natural Lightening Cream
  • Pink Wink Bleaching Cream
  • Meladerm Brightening Cream
  • Bioffade Intimate Bleaching Cream

 All these products have proven to work and produce results. Choosing the product you want will be based on a number of things. Such as skin texture, skin type, costs and maybe even skin tone. Not all bleaching creams lighten to their utmost ability.

Our thoughts

We would recommend using our favourite bleaching product, Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. This serum is filled with natural ingredients making it suitable for almost all types of skin textures. It also produces the utmost results when it comes to brightening and lightening the skin.