Intimate bleaching has become a very popular cosmetic enhancement. More and more people have been getting into intimate bleaching and more and more products for intimate bleaching haven't been put on the market. The goal has been to target as many sales at the cheapest cost which make some of these products very unsafe to use.

Intimate bleaching started off with pawn Stars and celebrities who had their anus bleached as well as armpits clear-toned. Over time more products to just delete your entire complexion whether it's the face or knees became more popular. At the same time, there have been many reports of people having permanent skin damage irritations and discolourations from using skin bleachers. This really makes you wonder if intimate bleaching is safe?

What is intimate bleaching? 

Intimate bleaching at the lightning of your intimate areas such as your armpits, penis, anus and vagina. This procedure does not include any actual bleach that would burn and damage the skin but uses a number of natural ingredients and other chemicals depending on the brand. Checking for ingredients and intimate bleaching products is very important. A number of them are known to contain hydroquinone which is prone to drawing up the skin. This ingredient is in a number of soaps lotions and other beauty cosmetics but a number of people have come forward stating to be allergic to this ingredient which is why a lot of products have now tried to remove it. It is known for brightening the skin but the cons are too much for certain skin types.

How to use intimate bleach?

Intimate bleach products should be used just as you would use lotion. You can use bleaching creams, and intimate bleaching oils and some create their own homemade bleaching cream. Either way, all of these products are applied the same way. Bleaching products normally recommend you to apply the product maximum of twice a day for maximum results.

You are to not use the product for any more than 6 months. For it contains ingredients that could potentially cause skin damage if used for any more than 6 months. Each product is different and should use the product as instructed in the packaging. This way it is much safer and You can navigate what to expect from the product.

Is intimate bleaching safe?

Yes and no. Intimate bleaching itself with the right product is completely safe and should be used as instructed. But with the number of false and cheap products that have been put on the market, It is harder to differentiate. It is best to do your research with each product and review each product based on what you may need as well as your skin type. We highly recommend using the number bleaching product, Amaira Natural Lightening Serum which shows results in just 2 weeks and includes all-natural ingredients.