With anal bleaching becoming more popular amongst everyday people and not just celebrities and porn stars, a frequent question is why? Anal hyperpigmentation is a normal and natural thing to everyday people but when given the chance and the desire, people are skin lightening their intimate areas. With the effects, and amount of sessions needed to gain visible results, why are people, men and women, taking time and money to anal bleach?





What is Anal bleaching?

Before we jump into the why let's get into the what. So what's anal bleaching? In simple terms, this is the removal of melanin cells by laser removal, freezing them – and the dead cells falling off or brightening the skin using creams and gels. These melanin skills grow naturally within our bodies and our cells we will always have and grow.

The processes of bleaching just slow down and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation from seeping through. In order to see visible desired results, it is important to stay consistent and persistent with going to sessions and applying products according to instruction. The products do not include any actual bleach, for the chemicals would be too harsh on the skin and cause permanent damage.
The process itself is said to not cause much pain, but discomfort is guaranteed.

Besides anal bleaching creams, anal bleaching kits and anal bleaching oils; laser treatment and cryosurgery are also available, but at a hefty price. Both these procedures take multiple sessions until the desired result is visible. It is important to take into account that the number of sessions you need are all based on your skin color and the level of pigment your skin produces. You might have lighter skin but produce pigment that is 5 shades darker, or you might have brown skin that only produces pigment that is 3 shades darker – every body is different and reacts differently to conditions. Seeing a doctor before starting the bleaching process is optional but advisable.




Is It More Than Just Human Instinct?

With the porn (and beauty) industry growing larger and larger, more people have access to it. And after being exposed to these models with monotone skin, this creates a sense of insecurity believing that these women (and men) are the desired beauty standard. 

It is also normal for people to want to fit into the standard one way or another. Making people very self-conscious and creating an even bigger market for beauty and cosmetic products.

With the market increasing, it also depletes in the anal bleaching price people have to pay for service thus making it more accessible to people. Only making the desire for these cosmetics, such as anal bleaching, a lot more appealing and performed.

Although the beauty standard keeps changing year by year, century by century there are standards that will always be set, like women having clean shaved armpits and we believe anal bleaching is one of them.



How to Anal bleach?

There are a few ways to get into anal bleaching. As stated above, there are anal bleaching creams and gels, cryosurgery and laser lightening procedures.

Some top best anal bleaching creams are:

  1. Amaira Natural Lightening Serum
  2. Pink Privates Cream
  3. Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream

These creams can be bought used in the comfort of your own home without having to feel invaded.

The anal bleach price for cryosurgery and laser lightening procedures are on the more expensive side of anal bleaching. Although they also require multiple sessions, the sessions are cleaner and results show up much more efficiently compared to creams and gels.



How long does anal bleach treatment last?

Results duration differ from person to person but they are definitely not permanent. Some sessions require up to 6 weeks in between each other, giving the skin time to fall off and rejuvenate. The skin around the anus is very sensitive and the harshness of the procedure could weaken the skin for some time causing it to need time to rest in between. Waxing, shaving and sex are not recommended at this time.


final conclusion

Anus bleaching will always be a personal preference of what you want to look like. The procedure is safe enough to start and stop if you want to give it a try. We also have articles on before and after anal bleaching that may help and inspire you to finally get your anus bleached. The process is long but with the right products and specialists, it is safe to do. We highly recommend using Amaira Natural Lightening Serum, it is safe to use and continues to bring good reviews.