Anal bleaching is becoming a normal beauty trend in our day to day world. Anal bleaching at home may be messy and the process may often be tedious. Bleaching at spa’s often cost a lot with the constant sessions needed to take before seeing desired results.

Things such as bleaching injections and skin bleaching pills have been introduced for faster lightening results. These methods have been said to have a number of side effects that may cause long term damage.

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the anus area a few shades lighter. The skin around the anus area may have hyperpigmentation that may have grown over time. The anus is an area that is very soft and sensitive compared to other parts of the skin. Over time it changes and adjusts to everyday situations.

What causes anal hyperpigmentation?

There are few things that cause anal hyperpigmentation. Anal pigmentation is normal to everyone due to conditions of living. A few things that may cause this pigmentation are:

  • Underwear: Fabrics and tightness
  • Hormones: Change of diet of meds
  • Medical conditions: Such as Melasmas
  • Number 2: Almost every day we use the toilet to relieve ourselves, the pigmentation being released can often cause hyperpigmentation to build up over the years.

Anal Bleaching Plastic Surgery

A popular trend that is happening is bleaching plastic surgery. It is not like other plastic surgeries that you may need a few hours to adjust from them. The anal bleaching plastic surgery is a day surgery. You do not need to go under any anaesthesia. The process only takes up to 45 minutes.

How does Anal Bleaching Plastic Surgery Work?

Anaesthetic cream is applied around the anus area. In order to numb the skin before the procedure has started. After that has set and the skin is numb enough, laser lightening beams are then used to depigment the skin. After 45 minutes the procedure is done with no pains or intense discomfort.

Our thoughts on anal bleaching plastic surgery

Anal bleaching is a process that is done to increase confidence and beauty. If you don’t want to go through this plastic surgery process, try anal bleaching creams may be what you need. Bleaching creams are a lot more sufficient and can be used as lotion. Applying the creams everyday or as instructed bring out results in just 2 weeks. Bleaching creams are said to be used for no more than 5 months, within 3 months there should be full visible results.

We recommend using our number one skin lightening cream, Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. With visible results in just 2 weeks, Amaira Natural Lightening serum has constantly proven it is effective and at a very low cost.