A few years ago anal bleaching became very popular. This is because porn became a lot more accessible as well as celebrities on social media. People realise that you could have an even skin tone anus as well as other intimate areas such as a vagina inner thigh etc. Which triggered a high level of demand for bleaching products. Although it was only available to the Elite over-the-counter creams started being produced massively. But are people still anal bleaching? Is it still something people care about?

What is anal bleaching?


Anal bleaching is the process of aligning your anus. This process does not include any actual bleach but instead is a blend of natural ingredients that help lighten your skin. This can be done professionally through spa treatments or over-the-counter creams. Either way, they both need a few weeks to months to see complete results.

There is a lot of hyperpigmentation that forms within the anus area. there are many different causes of this one of them being that there is a lot of friction in the anus. Hyperpigmentation in the anus area is common and is nothing to feel self-conscious about. Although if you are interested in lightening your anus it is something to be committed to.

Why do people anal bleach?

As stated above some people are very self-conscious about their anus hyperpigmentation. Some bleach for the even tone and that they like the aesthetic and nothing more. People bleach for different reasons, why people anal bleach would have to be a personal question from each person to person. In general, it makes people feel good even though no one else can see your anus it just boosts your aura of confidence.

Do people still anal bleach?

It's been a few years now with anal bleaching being the peak of cosmetic beauty but do people still anal bleach? The honest answer is yes. Because it's so normalised now nobody cares about it and because nobody can see it other than a sexual partner it isn't a big deal. There is a reason that lightening creams and anal bleaching creams are still on the market and having new types of products appear every year. There is still a high level of demand for bleaching products that work without causing any skin damage and last longer. It is so much more affordable now to anal bleach than it was before and because of its high levels of accessibility more and more people try it out.

The best way to anal bleach

We highly recommend using anal bleaching creams. simply because they do not cost as much as a spot treatment and still do promise good smooth results. The product we religiously live by is the Amaira natural lightening serum. This term is filled with natural ingredients leaving your skin with a soft smooth finish and does not include any hydroquinone which may leave your skin drying up after a few months. Within just two weeks of consistent use, the Amaira natural starts to produce visible results.