Anal bleaching has been around for decades now. During this time, pornstars have continued to make the trend more popular with their clear and monotone anus area. The porn industry continues to grow daily and is more accessible making this monotone in intimate areas more of a norm. One of the most searched terms when it comes to anal bleaching is “why do people anal bleach” the reasons between this and why porn stars bleach are different.

What is anal bleaching?


Anal bleaching is the process of lightening your anus in its hyperpigmented areas. You can lighten your anus through anal bleaching creams or spa treatments. It is very normal for hyperpigmentation to grow and develop, it's the body’s way of adjusting and adapting to its environment. There are many causes of hyperpigmentation developing around the anus such as; medical conditions, melasma, hormones, pigment from defecating and underwear friction and fabric.

Why do pornstars anal bleach?

The main reason for pornstars to anal bleach is that they aim to sell a fantasy. Pornstars are meant to look like the guy or girl you can only dream of being with. With clear, hairless skin and a fit body. If pornstars do not envoke a fantasy within the watcher it almost becomes pointless to watch. Both men and women want to feel a sense of rush and excitement that the real world won’t offer. The issue is that viewers have begun to look for those same standards in everyday people. Several viewers also compare themselves to pornstars. Which has now introduced cosmetics like intimate bleaching to grow popular.

How to anal bleach? 

The anal bleaching procedure is very simple and can be done effortlessly. Apply anal bleaching cream a minimum of twice a day and including it in your daily skincare routine is the best way to see effective results. Simply apply it to the intended area and continue using it until you are satisfied with the lightened tone.

It’s important to only use the cream for 6 months at a time. Using the product for longer than 6 months may cause some skin damage. Ingredients in bleaching products are to not be used for too long for they cause irritation, itchiness and possible long-term skin effects. If no results are visible within 3 months, it's best to stop the product and try a new one. When using the product, you must know that bleaching creams should not burn or irritate the skin when you start using them. You are likely allergic to the product or it’s one of the false products that has been put on the market for profit.

Bleaching cream for anus like pornstars’

For an anal bleaching cream that will a give you finish like those of pornstars, we highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. Amaira is filled with natural ingredients and leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized. Often times bleaching creams leave the skin feeling dry but Amaira is the opposite. You begin to see results within just 2 weeks of consistent use and within a month, there would be a huge difference.