Every year, anal bleaching is becoming one of the more common and popular cosmetic treatments. This beauty treatment was only available to celebrities, the social elite and the ones who truly put it on the map – porn stars. As the porn industry grew, so did the popularity of anal bleaching and anal lightening. Anal bleaching does not contain any actual bleach but just the term used for the procedure. Anus bleaching contains natural ingredients, chemicals peels and some treatments; nitrogen liquid.

Skin lightening was one treatment that had been around for some time and was also popular as people wanted fairer skin, but no one was ever conscious about how their anus looked until later.



Anal bleaching is the process in which you lighten and brighten your anus’s hyperpigmented skin. This pigment is caused by several reasons such as:

  • Daily movement – walking, doing the number 2, underwear
  • Skintone – the more natural melanin in your body, the more it will be in pigmented areas
  • Natural causes – such as hormones, diets, etc.


Anal bleaching creams are to be used consistently as instructed and in just a few weeks, there will be visible results. But now that there is a large market for anal bleaching there are several cheats and cheap products put on the market for quick bucks. Several ingredients and medications cause several people to have side effects such as allergic reactions, dry skin, flaky skin, etc. It is advised to please read through product ingredients before purchasing.


The anus in itself is a very sensitive part of the body and the skin around it is also pretty sensitive, as it's thinner. Not to worry, several advised ingredients can be applied for anal bleaching and also produce good results if used consistently.
The ingredients are as follows:


  • Lemons are high in Vitamin C and use their antioxidant to be able to remove blemishes, dark spots and any form of hyperpigmentation.


  • Has been said for years to include ingredients that even out skin tone and lighten the natural skin.


  • You will likely find this ingredient in almost all good anal bleaching products. Kojic Acid blocks a melanin production enzyme called tyrosinase which then slows down the process of melanin production in the skin. It is also known to help with skin concerns such as freckles, aging, dark spots, etc.


  • The orange peel contains a high level of vitamin C, which helps brighten the skin and rejuvenate it. Oranges are a very common ingredient in a number of skin lightening products.


  • Bearberry extract is another common ingredient in skin bleaching. Bearberry has properties that include sun protection, preventing any type of skin darkening. Bearberry does contain properties of hydroquinone but is safer on the skin.


  • Licorice is very common in skin products. It is known for helping with any skin discolorations caused by several things. Such as acne, eczema, common breakouts and sunburn.

There are more known good ingredients on the market such as Vitamin B, natural soybeans and niacinamide that help decrease levels of melanin and hyperpigmentation.

Anal Bleaching Creams

Although there is a large number of anal bleaching creams, here are our best anal bleaching creams that guarantee results in just a few weeks.

  1. Amaira Natural Lightening Creams
  2. My Pink Wink Lightening Creams
  3. Pink Privates Lightening Cream
  4. Meladerm Lightening Creams
  5. Epibright Lightening Cream

All of these products have been on the market for several years and continue to bring out positive and desired results.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to bleach your anus, this information will be of great use to you – especially by using creams and lotions. If you are looking for a more safer but much longer route to take we also recommend looking into anal bleaching oils. For creams we highly recommend using our number 1 anal bleaching product Amaira Natural Lightening Serum.