Skin beaching has gradually become more popular, More and more people want to lighten and whiten their skin tone. This desire to be shades lighter has been around for years now. Some believe it started with Koreans who are known to have white skin beauty standards. Over people started lightening only specific parts such as dark spots and anywhere where hyperpigmentation was present. 

Skin bleaching is a very safe procedure and does not contain any actual bleach. It is simply a mixture of ingredients and chemicals that all work together to remove the darkness that may grow in the skin over time.

Is it safe to bleach private areas?

Bleaching private areas is what skin bleaching became about less people continued skin bleaching and shifted over to private and intimate bleaching. Focusing more on anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching, inner thighs is also a common one as women’s thighs are affected more by hyperpigmentation in these areas.

It is completely safe to bleach your private areas. When using the right products or visiting the correct specialists it should run smoothly. The problem is with the large demand for bleaching accessibility, there have been a lot of cheaply made products that have negative effects on the skin and might cause skin damage. Reading up on reviews before committing to a procedure is the best thing to do.

Ways to bleach your private areas?

There are two ways to bleach your private areas. There is the spa treatment bleaching/lightening and then the DIY private bleaching. The DIY bleaching consists of bleaching creams, using natural oils to lighten and making your own homemade bleaching cream. Spa treatments consist of two types. There is cryosurgery which is the freezing and killing of melanated cells that grow within the body. The second is laser treatment lightening. Laser treatment is just like laser hair removal. It needs multiple sessions to fully lighten and see the difference and complete results.

Our thoughts on bleaching private areas

Bleaching your private areas is not medically advantageous but it certainly does help you feel a lot more confident and secure in your body. Hyperpigmentation is normal and is a natural way of your body adjusting and adapting to its environment. Because of social media, people have very self-conscious about their normal natural physical features. Luckily enough there are ways to help ‘fix’ these issues they may face and we are here to provide you with all bleaching information you may need. 

We highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. This serum is filled with natural ingredients such as vitamin c, mulberry extract, bearberry extract, and more. All of these ingredients include the lightening and brightening components. This product shows results within just 2 weeks and has been said to have complete results within just a month.