Anal bleaching is a popular cosmetic procedure. It has been popular for over ten years now from pornstars to celebrities. Anal bleaching is the process of lightening your anus area.  Anal bleaching does not contain any actual bleach that would damage the skin instead, it is just a product of natural ingredients to help lighten the skin.

What is anal bleaching?


Anal bleaching is lightning or lightening your anus. The anus area is normally hyperpigmented compared to the rest of the skin. This is because the anus is in constant friction and as well as constantly using the bathroom which adds pigment to the anus. Over time people started to bleach their anus to gain confidence and a bit more sex appeal.

Do you bleach inside your anal?

No, you don't believe inside your anal. You are supposed to apply the anal bleaching cream around your anus area just where it's darkest but never inside. Inserting heavy chemicals within your anus area or any internet areas may cause you to have infections and terrible irritation. The reason you don't believe inside your anal is that you can bleach your anus via creams or get it professionally whitened and both procedures don't require me to insert anything in your anus.

How to bleach your anal?

There are a few different ways to bleach your anal. You can either DIY anal bleach or get a spa treatment. These procedures go as follows:


DIY anal bleach

DIY anal bleach consists of using bleaching creams to lighten your skin. A lot of these creams require you to apply them day and night for maximum results. DIY also includes oils and gels to help lighten your skin but these products take longer than using creams. You are also able to make your own anal bleaching cream from home.

When using creams, within three months you should see positive results but if you see no results within 6 months you have to stop using the product. The products normally contain harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone which is overly used and can cause dry damage to the skin.

Spa treatment

There are two types of spa treatments when it comes to anal bleaching. 

  1.  Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is the freezing of cells that may cause the skin to darken over time. of course, the process is not painful but could be uncomfortable. The cost of this anal bleaching method is a lot more than anal bleaching cream. You need to get cryosurgery done every few weeks until you receive desired results.

2. Laser lightening treatment

This is similar to laser hair removal treatments. It is basically burning off the cells that cause the skin to lighten. The laser beats in the skin and slowly burns off the melanated selves. This method is also very expensive and needs a couple of sessions before seeing desired results.

Trying out anal bleaching

If you are thinking about anal bleaching it is definitely a good confidence booster. We highly recommend our number-one anal bleaching cream, Amaira Natural Lightening Serum which shows results in just two weeks of consistent and instructed use.