Anal bleaching is becoming more popular and because of that, it is only right to answer frequently asked questions. In this article, we will cover what anal bleaching is, why people do it, how to prepare for anal bleaching, types of anal bleaching etc. This is to help anyone thinking of regaining their confidence in the back door.




Anus bleaching is the process of removing hyperpigmented skin cells from and around your anus. These skins cells can be removed through various ways such as anal bleaching creams, anal laser whitening treatment and cryosurgery treatment. The products do not contain any actual bleach and is just a term for the process, also known as anal lightning and anal whitening.



It all started with porn stars and the porn industry growing yearly. Porn stars are known for being workers with perfect bodies, perfect skin, perfect everything and are the perfect candidates to sell sex appeal. And as more people watched and became exposed to how these porn stars looked it became the standard of sex appeal and several naked bodies. These cosmetic treatments were only accessible to porn stars, celebrities and the social elite, but now with the market growing at a rapid pace, these treatments are accessible to everyday people as well.

It is all a matter of keeping up with the times and the beauty standards that are being set. Skin lightening and genital lightening has been a trend and a beauty standard for several years and does not seem to be deteriorating anytime soon.


One must be prepared for such a procedure because it involves several ingredients and medications that could leave the skin feeling very sensitive and needing time to heal and rejuvenate. You must prepare before any treatments to make sure that the skin is fresh and cannot be prone to any bacteria and infections. Whether you are using creams or getting a professional treatment, pre-care is very important. Here is a list of how you can prepare before anal bleaching treatment:

  1. Keep the area clean. 
  2. Do not use any harsh soaps or fragranced lotions before treatment.
  3. Avoid inserting objects in the anus, if so, use lube for this will help with friction and tearing of the skin.
  4. Have pain killers on standby, as the (professional) procedures can sometimes be painful and uncomfortable.
  5. Prepare the area for bleaching; this may be done through shaving just to make sure the area is clean.
  6. Avoid tearing or breaking the skin by any means.
  7. Wear comfortable underwear and briefs, avoid tight fabrics.


Professional anal bleaching is what started it all it is the traditional route of anal bleaching and this is performed in two ways.

  1.  Laser whitening treatment

 If you know a laser hair removal laser whitening treatment is close to that. It is a laser seeping through the skin to burn off and kill off melanated skin cells and this process also slows them down from growing, which then prevents the hyperpigmented cells from growing again at a much slower rate. Number of treatments or sessions vary from person to person based on skin, color, age, ethnicity, hormones etc

  1. Cryosurgery

In simple basic terms this process freezes the cells and this causes them to fall off over time removing dead cells and hyperpigmented skin cells. As expected this process might be very painful depending on your pain tolerance due to the level of cold. This process only takes a matter of minutes and also requires several sessions before seeing desired results.



DIY anal bleach mainly consists of creams, oil and anal bleaching kits. We highly recommend using a cream such as Amaira skincare. Although the process is significantly longer compared to spa treatments with the cream you see results from 2 to 6 weeks of consistent usage. Here are a few DIY products we recommend:

  1. Amaira Natural Lightening Serum
  2. Pink Wink Cream
  3. Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream
  4. Epibright Whitening Cream



As stated above spa treatments do come with some pain and some uncomfortably, most of that uncomfortable feeling stems from someone else having to work around your intimate area, but the pain is tolerable and can be prescribed with painkillers or purchasing over-the-counter painkillers. The creams are not painful but they do contain a tingly feeling when applying, normally you shouldn't feel in pain when applying the cream as you would be applying it daily or weekly based on given instruction.


is it permanent?

The desired results are not permanent. It takes some time to see visible results but eventually with consistent application and consistent sessions, desired results do appear. But because this part of the skin is always in contact and movement, pigmentation will start to grow again after some time. It is advisable that you see your doctor or reapply your creams until you're satisfied again but this time it won't take as long as the first time being that the skin is already lighter than before.


can you have sex after anal bleaching?

Sex after anal bleaching is not advised, for it could tear and scratch onto the skin while it is still very sensitive and may cause some discomfort and itchiness through the healing phase. After bleaching, you need to give your skin time to rejuvenate and to tighten due to all the chemicals and ingredients that have been used on the skin and inside the skin.



what is the process for anal bleach aftercare?

Aftercare is very important. you must give your skin time to breathe and rejuvenate, do not wear any tight-fitting clothing or underwear, it could slow down the process. Do not use any harsh soaps and fragrance lotions on the area for it could cause discomfort and itchiness on the fresh skin. You should ask your doctor or specialist to recommend any lotions or creams that you can use in the aftercare process.