Intimate bleaching is one cosmetic procedure that people have been getting into more and more. With this, more and more people have been bleaching intimate areas but don't know when to bleach their intimate areas. Because it's been so popularized, people feel the need to bleach even when their skin is not hyperpigmented. Of course, hyperpigmentation and each person differs; some have darker pigment than others. The pigment is also influenced by your race and skin tone. In this article, we will get into how to use intimate bleach, what is intimate bleach and how to use intimate bleach.

What is intimate bleach?

The title intimate bleaching says it for itself. It is the bleaching of your private areas or Intimate areas such as the vagina, penis anus and armpits. These areas are a lot more prone to hyper-pigmentation because of their intimacy which causes friction. Just like your armpits are in constant movement every day the same goes for your anus area. Your private areas like the armpit and penis are discolouration. There are a few other things that cause natural discolourations and pigmentation around intimate areas and overall around the body. A few causes are:

  •  Hormones
  •  Diet
  •  Medical conditions
  •  Clothing
  •  Shaving

When to use intimate bleach?

When you see your intimate areas begin to grow darker and possibly at their darkest point you should start to bleach. There are times when your intimate areas are darkened due to shaving and when you lessen the shaving, it gets a lighter complexion back so bleaching isn't always necessary. But bleaching is and will always be a personal decision for physical confidence and does not help with any medical advantages. You can also start to use bleaching products when your skin is just a few shades lighter but you would have to use it for a minimum of two months or less because your skin will begin to lighten way lighter than your natural skin tone. And having to darken or tan for even skin tone will be a whole another process.

How to use intimate bleach?

Intimate bleach is mainly focused on creams. Though they come in different forms such as creams, gel, oils, injections etc, Bleaching creams are the main preferred away. All you have to do is apply the product as instructed. And a number of products are recommended applying day and night for maximum results. You may not use the product for over six months consecutively because one that means the product does not work until it could cause skin damage with the harsh products. Instead, space it out or try out a different route.

Getting into intimate bleaching

Intimate bleaching has no medical advantage to your well-being but it definitely does help you to boost your confidence. As there aren't a lot of people bleaching their intimate areas. It is for a  more pleasing aesthetic which is why a lot of pornstars and celebrities do it. If you are looking to bleach your intimate areas we highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. Effective within just 2 weeks and is an affordable way of bleaching.