Anal bleaching is becoming a popular procedure. People want to lighten their intimate areas, especial vaginal and anal areas. It is natural for hyperpigmentation to grow within these areas. As we grow, our melanin cells begin and continue to form for multiple reasons. Common reasons medical conditions, melasma shaving, fabric, defecting etc. Whatever the main reason may be, it is natural.

Anal bleaching was made popular by pornstars. Pornstars anal bleach and vaginal bleach to sell their image and fantasy. With porn becoming a lot more accessible, people wanted to achieve this look in their daily lives as well. Bleaching creams then became high in demand because not everybody can afford spa treatment anal bleaching.

What is anal bleach?


Anal bleaching is the process of lightening and brightening your anal area. This can be performed through spa treatments such as cryosurgery and laser lightening treatments. It does not contain any actual bleach, but instead, use ingredient safe to use on skin to lighten the skin. Not all products are safe, for there are false products that contain harmful chemicals to the skin.

Does anal bleach work?

Depending on the product it does. With the large demand, there are plenty of over-the-counter products that do not actually work. They might change your complexion, causing some discolouration but never actually lighten the right way. It’s best to review products before purchasing or committing to them. Reading up on before and afters of products also helps to see how effective the product may be before using it. The skin around the anus and in intimate areas is overly sensitive and is something to take time to invest in before changing it.

How many shades will it lighten after anal bleach?

How many shades your skin lightens is relative to a number of things. Your skin colour, race and possibly your diet. Sometimes even age, a number of people find themselves dark skin then grow up to be several shades lighter. Your skin will lighten but it is hard to say by how much. Each result will differ from person to person and their entire circumstance. There bleaching creams that work better for lighter skin and some that work best for dark skin but the measurement for the result in each person can’t be measured.

Anal bleach for the best lighter shade

We highly recommend using the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. Amaira shows results in just a short time of using the cream consistently. Leaving room for the skin to continue to grow lighter after a month of use. We believe the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum provides maximum results when it comes to bleaching the skin. Its all-natural ingredients help to keep the anus area healthy and moisturized.