A few years ago there was a video circulating of a woman who lay in water that appeared to bleach/lighten her skin. People began to search for this product to bathe and lighten their skin. There are multiple lightening products but not one quite such as this one. What exactly is it? The video was said to have been taken in Nigeria. The market for bleaching creams in Nigeria is huge. It is one of their beauty standards to have lighter skin.

This video left tons of people wondering if it's possible to find this water or chemical in order to lighten their skin. Some only wanted it for specific parts such as the anal area and other intimate areas. But is there anal bleach bathwater? Was that video fact or fiction?

What is anal bleach?

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening or whitening your anus area through chemicals. No actual bleach is included in the anal bleach process but is a term used to describe what the procedure is about. Several people suffer from hyperpigmentation in intimate areas such as the underarms, anus, vagina and inner thighs. Although hyperpigmentation is completely normal, it has made people grow self-conscious.

Anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching have been made famous by celebrities and largely by pornstars. Every day people want to bleach their skin to become monotone as well, being that that’s what they see every time they pull out their phones. It has almost become a silent beauty standard.

Anal bleaching can be done through bleaching creams and spa treatment bleaching. Of course, spa treatment bleaching would be more expensive compared to bleaching creams. Spa treatments include cryosurgery and laser lightening treatment. Whereas bleaching creams are just creams that you can get over-the-counter. Bleaching can also be done with natural oils such as rosemary oil, tea tree oil, lavender oils and more. These include properties that lighten the skin but it would take much longer to see results.

Is there anal bleach bathwater?

Bleach bathwater is close to bleaching injections, it almost sounds impossible. We highly believe that there isn’t any. If there is, it probably is very dangerous and damaging to the skin.  Everyone wants to find the quickest cheapest way to lighten their skin and remove hyperpigmentation but it's important to do so safely. 

There have also been multiple anal bleach creams that have been placed on the market. Although these may be cheaper and they are certainly not safer. It’s important to do research on products. Looking up just the surface level of products may sway you in the wrong direction. It’s easy to read a few reviews that are all saying positive things but that is one side of the story. Searching deeper about products and procedures, reading up on before and afters is best for your skin safety.

Our thoughts

We highly recommend using our favourite bleaching product, the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. This serum is filled with natural ingredients such as mulberry extract, vitamin c, and much more. Their products do not contain any hydroquinone as they are focused on lightening while also hydrating the skin. The Amaira is one of the best bleaching products on the market currently and is very effective in showing results.