skin brightening


Multiple products write “skin brightening” on their products. From night serums to face masks. But what does it actually mean? Is it just like skin bleaching?

Several skin brightening products often use this in order to pull buyers in by promising desired results. In this article, we will cover what is skin brightening, what it isn’t and how to achieve it.





What is skin brightening?

Skin brightening often means to increase the skin glow and the radiance of the skin. Tt also is linked with repairing any damage causing the skin to be dull and dry. ingredients included hydrate the skin, remove any dead skin cells and protect the skin from natural damages such as sunburn. The brightening serum is supposed to make your skin look healthier and fresh.

Brightening can mean a lot of different things on different products. Other products label themselves as brightening creams because they remove any skin discoloration even out the skin tone and overall lighting skin tone. A minimum version of skin bleaching without the intense effect or results

This may sometimes be found in the same product but the product is likely focused on either or. Most products would indicate if it is brightening for a radiant and clean look or if it's brightening for skin discolorations and removing any hyperpigmentation on the face or body.







Often referred to as skin lightening or skin whitening in some countries, this is the process of reducing the Skin's melanin production. This will slow down the production of melanin but it will not completely stop it meaning it's a product we have to continuously use and apply in order to maintain desired skin results.

Some of these products do not include any actual brightening effect and may also leave the skin dull and dry due to the ingredients.





Benefits of skin brightening

  • Removing acne scars
  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Giving the skin radiance and glow


Skin brightening ingredients

  • Vitamin C
  • Glycolic Acid
  • licorice extract 
  • vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 
  • Retinol
  • melanozyme 
  • kojic acid


Skin brightening SAFETY

      Skin brightening products are safe. They do not normally contain any toxic ingredients. There is a concern for darker skin using brightening products for the word brighten the entire skin lighter than its original pigment. it is advised to use brightening pilots on only specific places you want to brighten such as your acne scars or discoloration.


Skin brightening final conclusion

Skin brightening products are good products for your skin. They also contain tons of antioxidants that help to protect the skin. Brightening products can be added to your daily skincare routine, they work better with sunscreen And brightening serums. if you want to try out any skin brightening serum, have a look at our number one product Amaira natural lightening serum. although it may also be used for skin bleaching Amaira's natural ingredients are not too harsh or cause any discoloration on the skin.