As much as we love summer for the heat and being able to wear whatever we want and just the opportunity to go out more it does come with some negatives and some effects. You must have a skincare routine that will protect and replenish your skin through the heat.

There are several ways and routines to keep the skin healthy but Returns don't always work in the same conditions. Summer is a lot harsher to the skin and quickly dries the skin from all of the sweat as well as sunburn. Your routine needs to be able to include all the ways to protect it during each season.

A lot of skincare steps heavily depend on your location. Some countries, as well as cities, experience more heat than others and it is important to keep this in mind when forming your routine. What stays the same is the long hours of daylight and heat there tends to be humid and stale which does affect the skin differently compared to winter.

Besides the heat, people use summertime as a relaxing time so lots of pool parties, vacations and Adventures are done in the heat which also does affect the skin after a while.


Dermaplaning is the process of exfoliating your skin to remove the hair and dirt  with a scapple or a tool called dermatome. This process can be done at home with sharp razors and serums so your skin does not crack. This can be done Weekly or every two weeks in order to rejuvenate your skin and open up your pores.

Face masks

Usually used after dermaplaning, masks have a lot of good natural properties that help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. There are different kinds of face masks, which include vitamin d, vitamin c, turmeric and more.

Spf 30+

Sunscreen has always been very good for the skin. There are now a lot of everyday products that include SPF. It is important to use as many products with SPF as possible. So you might use a face Lotion with SPF and add sunscreen on top of that or vice versa but this still keeps your skin healthy and protected from sunburn.


Vaseline ingredients are good for keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. Although their products are on the heavy side, they are best applied on wet skin to keep the moisture. You could apply this after a night shower to keep the moisture throughout the day or just add it in your morning routine.

Light makeup

Wearing too much make up in the heat can have a negative impact on your skin. With your pores opening and all that product just thinking in the skin could cause the skin to have acne and terrible breakouts.  keeping it makeup light so just having concealer on could make a big difference and help your skin to breathe.

final conclusion

You can incorporate a few of these steps into your everyday summer skincare routine. you will see a big difference between your skin glow and skin texture. Skin is a very important part of a person's look and confidence. It is one area that we have to maintain every day to make sure that our health is radiating on the outside.

Stay away from products that include hydroquinone for their unknown to dry up the skin and would not work well in summer temperatures and some sweats. make sure to check ingredients on all products and soaps you use.