Intimate bleaching has become a lot more popular and accessible to anyone of any age but can teenagers use intimate bleaching? In as much as teenagers can easily go purchase skin bleaching cream, should they be using them? The answer will be relative to one's opinion and reasoning for bleaching their intimate areas.

There are many causes of hyperpigmentation and one of them is a medical condition related. Doctors could prescribe their patients use bleaching creams to remove whatever scaring and hyperpigmentation have formed over time. But for those that are simply interested in bleaching their intimate areas, should they?

What is intimate bleaching?


Intimate bleaching is lightening or whitening your intimate parts. Intimate parts such as the armpits, anus, vagina and penis are prone to hyperpigmentation. This is because they are in constant movement and clothing friction may also have an impact on how the skin may look and attempt to adapt over time. Bleaching would lighten the areas.

Is intimate bleaching safe?

Intimate bleaching is safe. When using the right products or seeing the right specialists, you should have a positive experience with positive results. With the large demand for bleaching products, there have been a lot of cheaply made bleaching creams that could potentially cause long term skin damage which would take some time to reverse. These products cause your skin to dry up and begin to flake. Some effect of skin damage when skin bleaching is discolouration. Your skin begins to turn an orange colour from your skin tone, as well as itching and burning of the skin. You must see the doctor or specialist when it reaches a point of worry.

Can teenagers use intimate bleaching?

Yes, teenagers can use intimate bleaching. In as much as it is a ‘grown up’ cosmetic procedure, it's best to stop the hyperpigmentation before it spreads or gets darker. Hyperpigmentation can get darker with time. The earlier you start to reduce the visibility of built-up melanin, the quicker it will fade. Rather than leaving it to your 20s and then having to use bleaching creams for 6 months at a time until you see desired and complete results.

Side effects of teenagers bleaching?

In some cases, the skin has just not fully developed and will lighten itself with time. As teenagers, you are still using products that might not be good for your skin and are causing the skin to darken temporarily. That’s why it is advised to do cosmetic procedures once you grow older as you have more access and the affordability to use and test our different products. At most, it's the prematurity of the skin trying to adapt and adjust to its conditions.

Bleach product for teenagers

The best product to use when skin bleaching or intimate bleaching as a teenager is the Amaira Natural Lightening Serum is the best and safest option. Within just 2 weeks of constant and instructed use, you should begin to see visible results. In a number of reviews, users have come forward stating to have full complete results within just 3 months.