With anal bleaching and skin lightening becoming more popular and more accessible, finding safe and efficient ways to prepare for them is a topic that is just as important as anal bleaching aftercare. With any cosmetic procedure, some precautions and steps need to be taken into account to ensure that the results of the procedure are efficient and successful. That is the point of getting it done, for the results.



Why did people start bleaching their anus?


With anus bleaching becoming more of a beauty aesthetic norm, it is key to find the fundamentals of where it all began. But first, what's anal bleaching? In simple terms, it is the process of brightening your anus. Your anus experiences tons of friction from daily movement, tight fabrics and even doing the number two. All of this causes hyperpigmentation in the skin, it may also cause dark spots and harsh textures.
Hyperpigmented anals were normal, or should I say not consciously thought of until porn stars came heavily into the picture – giving desired images. Celebrities and socialites also had access to anus bleaching treatments, such as our very own, Kim Kardashian.

And just like that, the market for skin whitening, vaginal brightening and anal bleaching quickly came into play. Now there are tons of ways to bleach your anal. There are professional anal bleach treatments and DIY anal treatments that include anal bleaching kits, anal brightening oils, anal brightening creams – such as our recommended Amaira Whitening Cream and anal bleaching gel kits that you could purchase yourself.
The brightening industry has grown so much that there are tons of brands that sell skin whitening pills for a large number of people looking to achieve fair, smooth skin.



what is the process of anal bleaching?

As the methods and sessions differ, the results of anal bleaching are the same. The anal brightening oils and the anal brightening creams work very similarly. It is all about constant reapplication of the product, as many times as instructed daily, until your desired results are visible. Though these results are not permanent due to, as stated above, constant friction and sometimes even aging, it is important that once pigment starts to show, reapply your creams and oils. These products safe for anal bleaching kits and normally come with how to anal bleach at home instructions.

For more professional treatments such as cryosurgery and laser whitening treatment, post-treatment do's and dont's are a lot more. These treatments seep into the skin to kill, freeze and remove the cells producing excessive amounts of melanin and having them reflect on the skin.
It is important to remember that the number of sessions needed for these treatments differs from person to person, based on your skin tone and desired results.



How to prep for anal bleaching?

With all procedures, it is very important to keep the skin clean and ready for new chemical or ingredients application. For more professional/spa treatment some doctors require to take antibacterial 3 days prior if one has been in contact with HPV.

Here's our guide on how to prepare for anal bleaching:

  1. Keep the area clean. 
  2. Do not use any harsh soaps or fragranced lotions before treatment.
  3. Avoid inserting objects in the anus, if so, use lube for this will help with friction and tearing of the skin.
  4. Have pain killers on standby, as the (professional) procedures can sometimes be painful and uncomfortable.
  5. Prepare the area for bleaching; this may be done through shaving just to make sure the area is clean.
  6. Avoid tearing or breaking the skin by any means.
  7. Wear comfortable underwear and briefs, avoid tight fabrics.


Anal bleaching aftercare

As we have mentioned above, prepping is just as important as anal bleaching aftercare. Doctors normally prescribe medication post-treatment such as pain killers, but you can also get these over the counter. Keep the area clean, even in soap and fragrance, being that the treated skin is sensitive from the ingredients, chemicals and acids used to lighten the skin.


Prepping your intimate areas as well as aftercare is very important. These few steps alone could potentially stop the skin from having a negative reaction to the ingredients in the products. If not treated well, this could cause infections, skin damage and skin discolorations permanently, leaving you right back where you started but feeling worse. We highly encourage you to use safe products and well-recommended  specialists and doctors who prioritize your health and safety. We also highly recommended using our number one anal bleaching cream; Amaira Natural Lightening Serum. For more information, visit analbleachingexpert.com