Anal bleach is the process of lightening your anus. It does not include any actual bleach for it could burn and damage your skin causing long-term effects. Anal bleaching has become very popular and you can now buy over-the-counter products which will bleach your anus. Not all of these products are safe, for some of them include very harsh ingredients that lead to dry patchy skin and in some cases no results at all. But with it becoming more popular the ways to apply anal bleach need to be spoken about a lot more. Some believe that anal bleach creams should be inserted inside the anus area for maximum effect which is not true and could be damaging. Here is how to safely apply anal bleach.

What to use to bleach your anus?

You can use anal bleaching cream lightening oils and even homemade anal bleach cream. Each of these methods has its own way of applying safely without damaging the skin. With bleaching creams and bleaching oils, it's very important that you are consistent with your application. This is the best way to receive maximum results. There are also other cleaner and quicker methods such as spa treatment for anal bleaching. For this method, though you don't have to apply anything there will be a specialist that will use creams and machines to help lighten your anus area.

This way there is a lot more expensive compared to anal bleaching creams which are more affordable. Both routines, creams and spa treatments consist of multiple sessions before seeing desired results. You need to be committed to the routine in order to be happy with your results.

How to safely apply anal bleach?

The safest way to apply anal bleaching cream is right outside your anus. So any skin around the area should be applied with the cream just as you would your lotion. If the product is irritating or itching the skin it is probably best to stop using it. All anal bleaching creams come with different instructions that are suited to the product but the majority of them were the same. In most cases you are to use your bleaching cream 2 times a day at night and in the morning within a month to three months you should be able to see results. You cannot use the same product for over 6 months for it could cause some skin damage.

Is anal bleaching safe?

Anal bleaching is very safe it becomes unsafe when you use cheap products or dodgy specialists. The worst it can do is discolour skin long-term permanently. The best thing to do is to do your research on our products and specialists and see what works best with your skin type. We, however, highly recommend you use our number one anal bleaching cream which is the Amaira natural lightening serum. It is filled with natural ingredients that decrease any damage to the skin but maximise effective results.