Anus hair is very normal. Overtime people such as celebrities and pornstars have been shamed for having anus hair. Every part of our body has tiny molecules of hair that are meant to protect the body in some form.

Even though we have evolved over the years, our need for our body hair has stayed with us over time. And us being humans, we have found ways to stop the hair from growing for aesthetic purposes.

Benefits to removing Anus Hair

There are no health benefits to removing anus hair but it does help with the anus being more visually appealing. Anus hair removal includes benefits such as:

  • Skin brightness. Hair often gives the illusion of darker skin. By having it removed the anus naturally looks lighter.
  • Skin softness. When hair is removed right, the sin feels soft as that of a baby. Adding to the aesthetic of the skin.
  • Visually appealing. Over time hair in intimate areas throws people off and having a clean shave gives the sense of beauty and sensation.

Downside to removing Anus Hair

As I had stated above, hair on our body is supposed to protect our skin in one way or another. Hair in intimate areas such as the vagina, penis and anus helps largely with infections that might seep through. Though preventatives such as condoms help, hair also plays a miniature role in trapping infections from entering. 

By  removing the hair, the skin also goes sensitive and highly exposed. Causing it to be prone to cracks and tearing which isn’t best for the skin.


Ways to remove anus hair

  • Waxing
  • Shaving
  • Hair remover creams
  • Hair remover machine

Is it safe to remove anus hair?

Yes. It’s completely safe to remove any hair from your body. Besides the mentioned side effects, making sure that the route you use to remove your anus hair is safe is the first step. It is important to also include an aftercare being that the anus is a very sensitive area and we naturally using almost everyday, you want to be a lot more careful.

Using creams that include coca butter and staying away from any exfoliator during this period is well advised. Natural ingredients are best for the skin at that stage until the skin is somewhat healed and less sensitive.

Our thoughts on anus hair remover

Removing anus hair is a personal decision and what type of look you’re going for. Anything that results in you feeling more confident is one we support. We do advise doing more research on removing hair in your anus area as the spot can easily be infected and may cause damage. If you are looking to move anus hair in order to brighten your anus, we highly recommend using a skin bleaching cream. Amaira Natural Lightening Serum is best for sensitive parts such as the anus with little to no effects. Consistent use of product as instructed will show results in a minimum of just 2 to 4 weeks without needing to remove any hair.